the design process

The 3 Phases Of The Design Process:

  1. Schematic Design – Loose sketches and concepts are formed
    • 1-5 Meetings depending on scope and size of home
    • Site visits
    • Feasibility study is conducted:
      • Survey of property as needed
      • Are there lot/property restrictions?
      • Determination of any regulatory requirements
    • Floor plans, elevations (flat exteriors), exterior perspectives, sections, and site plan are created.
    • Basic 3d models are created
    • Budget based on historical cost/sqft, complexity, and site characteristics is established.
  2. Preliminary Design – More precise drawings and details are developed
    • 1-3 Meetings
    • Floor plans, elevations, site plan, sections and structural drawings
    • Align floor plans with hvac, plumbing, and electrical requirements.
    • Detailed 3d models are created.
    • Budget based on mix of quantitative material takeoffs, site drawings, and typical allowances.
  3. Construction Documentation – The blueprints needed for construction are created
    • 1-3 Meetings
    • All of the plans needed for construction including engineering and site drawings.
    • Precise 3d models created based off blueprints.
    • Final Budget based on quantitative material takeoffs, subcontractor quotes, final plans, and homeowner approved allowances