Standard Practices

This list comprises some of our standards for building homes.

  • Remove topsoil before digging footings | Removes organic material found in the soil, from the crawlspace & building footprint.
  • 24” wide footings w/2 rows of continuous rebar reinforcement | This is a very strong foundation. A lot of builders use 18” wide footings which are ok, but hey, don’t you want the foundation of your house better than just ok?
  • I-JOIST Engineered floor systems | No floor sagging – superior to sawn lumber floors
  • Radiant covered roof plywood | Reduces heat in your attic! Inexpensive way to reduce heating bill. Keeps overall house cooler.
  • Insulated window & door headers | Removes air void above all structural  windows and doors
  • Solid corner framing | Strong wall junctions!
  • Sealed Crawlspace | Reduces mold, improves air quality of your home.
  • Caulk and foam around all windows and doors | Takes time, but creates a more airtight and cost efficient home to heat and cool.
  • Caulk around all wall plates | Same as above – improves heating and cooling efficiency
  • Install quiet bathroom fans | Virtually silent bath fans!
  • Recommend high performance window such as Pella or Marvin Integrity | Not only are they better made and look nicer than the cheapos out there, but they will last longer and lose less heat and air conditioning from your home.
  • Advantec plywood subflooring that we glue, nail and screw to the floor system | 50yr warranty. Virtually eliminates squeaks! Most builders just nail the subflooring
  • Condition the house prior to installing interior trim and flooring | Removes moisture & reduces the chance of cracks
  • Use Miratec exterior trim | Composite material that will not rot like wood trim, but still looks great. We prefer to use this around windows, doors, fascias, and corner boards.
  • Promar exterior paint | Performs better than traditional paint & lasts much longer
  • 20 mil rubber roof valley flashing | Placed under black tar paper in all roof valleys. Keeps house dry during construction and gives your roof a much longer life.
  • We use subcontractors who have been in business for over 10 years and have been working with us for years | They know our standards and take care of our clients as if they were part of our company.
  • Install gutter guards | Cleaning gutters is a pain. This also reduces fascia board rot, which is also a pain to fix!
Good construction practices