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At Will Johnson Builing Company, we are always looking for highly qualified indviduals to join our team.

Below are the current open positions. If you do not see a position that fits, please send you resume to

Open Positions

Design Associate

Will Johnson Building Company is seeking a highly motivated individual to join our design team. We are seeking someone with experience in architecture and drafting, works well with others, and has knowledge of residential construction.

Postion Type: Full time position
Reports to: Design Lead

Attire: Business casual; long sleeve button down shirt tucked in, belt, with long pants and casual non-tennis shoe footwear.

Overview: Assists in moving projects through all phases of the design and sales process, while interacting closely with design lead, clients, and members of the Will Johnson Building Company team. Operates Computer Aided Design (CAD) computer software, including creating, updating and modifying architectural drawings and performs manual architectural drafting.


  1. Technical Capacity
  2. Communication Proficiency
  3. Problem Solving/Analysis
  4. Thoroughness
  5. Interpersonal Relationships with Others
  6. Proficient knowledge of residential construction practices, materials and methods

Computer Software Requirements:

  1. Fluent in Archicad or Revit and creating BIM projects
  2. Proficient in Adobe Photoshop
  3. Problem Solving/Analysis
  4. Proficient in Microsoft office products

Essential Functions:

  1. Interface regularly with sales and production departments to coordinate and clarify all pertinent construction details.
  2. Copies architectural drawings.
  3. Creates manual and CAD drawings for architectural projects.
  4. Convert sketches and hand drawings to CAD and BIM format.
  5. Creates and operates 3D CAD models in BIM format.
  6. Greets customers and the general public in person and on telephone, answers questions and directs to appropriate individual when necessary.
  7. Assist in developing survey maps, layouts, and site plans when necessary.
  8. Works closely with building regulating agencies, builders, contractors and the general public.
  9. Remain informed and current on product availability and design trends.
  10. Regularly develop and implement creative new process improvement and design ideas.
  11. Be integrally involved with sales and production departments in seeking out, engaging and building vendor and sub-contractor relationships.
  12. Submit weekly design report to Design Lead, by client, including a listing of changes in project scope or revisions.
  13. Facilitate successful sales relationships by being integrally involved in the day-to-day sales/design process.
  14. Foster highest sales probabilities by creating accurate and timely drawings, communicating promptly with Design Lead and members of the design team regarding drawing modifications and revisions, and being proactive in identifying and resolving potential building challenges.
  15. Be responsible to know and demonstrate Will Johnson Building Company’s core values, and maintaining a great attitude at all times, in spite of challenges or extenuating circumstances.
  16. Be dedicated to the customer’s best interest throughout the sales and design process, including willingness to admit mistakes, keeping customers informed, and providing unique and relevant options to achieve the customer’s goals.
  17. Remain informed and current on design software, CAD programs, and techniques for producing drawings in the most efficient manner possible.
  18. Be available to attend customer and field meetings as needed throughout the construction process in order to cultivate excellent customer relationships, maintain accuracy and shorten production cycles.
  19. Conduct on-site meetings to document existing building/site conditions, measure existing spaces, and stake off new projects.

To Apply: Send resumes to