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Hardwood Floors, Interior Paint and Landscaping

Posted by on October 6, 2016

For this renovation, we are not replacing the hardwood but refinishing it. We look at replacing vs. refinishing on each project and it depends on the current state of the flooring and also the client’s budget. If the current floors are in good shape, refinishing is a great way to bring a bit of life back and give it a new look. At this time we can finish painting on the interiors walls that we just prepped.

Once flooring is complete, we like to have a couple days after were we are not performing any heavy work inside the house. This gives us a great opportunity to focus on the exterior and landscaping. For landscaping, we removed the trees that were blocking the view of the house and replaced it with sod. This allows a better viewing area of the house and the extra sod adds more color to give it more pop from the street.