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What We Are All About

We are a custom home building and remodeling firm.  We strive daily to build meaningful and buy cialis online australia lasting relationships. We create spaces that are beautifully designed, low in maintenance, and durable enough to last a lifetime.  Our goal in every project is to exceed expectations and finish strong. We love what we do.  At the end […]

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Our Team

While it is true that our subcontractors are key in delivering such great homes, it is no doubt that our core team is the backbone of our business. Our team-approach to levitra philippines building is largely responsible for our success in the homes we create. Everyone brings a unique, and equally important quality to every project we […]

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Tool Box

Our System

WJBC ToolBox is our system for managing custom homes and remodeling projects. It is used primarily to allow our clients to stay up to date with their project status. Every project we do has its own toolbox like the example below, which the client may log into and check out pictures, look at the schedule, […]

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What We Are Up To

GarageDoorsGood2I’m a car guy. I also love my garage. My wife may dictate how our bedroom s and kitchen are arranged, but I get the garage. It’s the one place that’s all mine. It’s also the levitra online pharmacy no prescription one place in my home that I am guaranteed to enter twice a day. The doors in particular, I open and close every day, to and from work. We spend a lot of time looking at those doors, and they also take up a large portion of mexican generic cialis the exterior façade of our home. Why, then, do so many builders, remodelers and homeowners install plain garage doors?

Garage doors have earned a bad reputation in the past, so much that many neighborhoods don’t allow front-loading garages and discount viagra prescription drug enforce covenants that require heavy screening of garage doors. Why?  Because oftentimes garage doors are ugly. It is true that garage doors can have a very plain and solid-void feeling, but, given the appropriate attention they can set off the exterior of a home and contribute to the home’s style rather than detract from it. The garage door is an incredible opportunity to viagra online without a prescription add an architectural element at a relatively low cost, and just about every home has one, so why not celebrate it?MissedOpportunities

Why do most people skimp on the style of their garage doors? For one thing, their cars don’t care what the doors look like, but second, many times the kitchen and other more prominent spaces in a home take budget prominence. The garage door also is one of the last items to be installed on cialis delivery in 5 days or less a new home, at which point many projects are fighting to stay within budget, so many homeowners opt for a very basic garage door to save costs. To correct this mistake, plan ahead –early in the design stage –to spend a few extra dollars on the door.

garagedoorSKETCHTo get a garage door correct, choose something that is appropriate for the wow it's great vernacular of your clients’ home.  Don’t put a rustic stained wood door with wrought iron hardware on a modern craftsman. Also, choose something with raised panels as opposed to flush. This extra bit of we like it detail will go a long way toward aesthetic appeal. If you scroll through the pictures at the top of this article, you’ll notice that none of the doors in the photos are too elaborate or fancy. They are, for the most part, simple with a little bit of detail and well-proportioned window s that tie in with the rest of the homes. GarageDoorsGood1

Quick tip: More glass in a garage door typically is buy viagra locally better than less glass. A 3-panel garage door will allow for more, taller and bigger window s than a 4-or 6-panel door.

Most will look at a home with nice garage doors and not know why they are drawn to it more than a home with a plain garage door. By installing a garage door that not only coincides with the style of your clients’ home, but has an architectural element to it, the home will gain huge curb appeal and viagra generic now attract more buyers.

Ben Johnson, CPBD, MCGP, CAPS, works for Will Johnson Building Co., a Chapel Hill, N.C.-based residential and light commercial design-build firm. The firm specializes in high-end custom homes and renovations. Ben has managed and designed projects ranging in size from small bathroom renovations to where can i purchase viagra 9,000 sq. ft. homes. He also is a district director for the American Institute of Building Design.

Original post: Blog Post by Ben Johnson April 22, 2014

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